Robotic Bleeding System

Robotic solution for automatic killing of salmon and trout. With the help of 3D camera and machine learning, the machine finds an optimal inflection point on the fish. A robot performs the sting using a specially designed blade. This combination ensures high precision and capacity.

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BENEFITS of stress-free stunning includes:

  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Fully automated.
  • No contact with people - hygienic.
  • Easy post-inspection of the fish.
  • Reduces number of operators needed, compared to traditional methods.
  • Removes heavy manual work.
  • High precision integrated counting.
  • Size flexible - Takes into account different fish sizes without the need for adjustments.
  • Already in operation with several customers.


  • Capacity: approx 70 fish per minute. 
  • Size of fish: From 3 - 7 kg. 
  • Electrical connection: 230 VAC 16 A, single phase.
  • Possibility of adaptation to other fish in the salmon family.
  • Integrated counting of fish with almost 100 % accuracy.



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