Species Recognition™

Efficient and automated sorting of species. The Species Recognition system is used to grade fish by species and size. A “camera” is taking a photo of the fish and the computer is recognizing the specie for the grader to make sure the fish is ending up in the right location. The vision will also determine the size of the fish by volume measurement. It can also be delivered to only measure size by both length and volume.

Vision Grader Turntable_00181 bruk


  • Capacity: 1 fish per second.
  • Belt speed 1 m/s.
  • Available for longliner, trawler, whole fish and gutted fish.
  • Max length of fish: 1600 mm.
  • 99,5 % secure on species.
  • Margin of error on size: 5 %.
  • Belt width conveyor 300 mm.



Species Recognition
Species Recognition 4
Species Recognition 3
Species Recognition 2


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